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Ms. Barbara Gee and NAU Staff.

Published 29th May 2015, 4:26pm

Today marks the end of Ms. Barbara Gee's 23 years of service to the Cayman Islands Government as a Civil Servant.

She was employed with the Department of Children of Family Services working in the Girl's Home and later as a Social Work Assistant.

More recently she has served at the Needs Assessment Unit since its creation in November 2013 to date.

Her wisdom and experience has proven to be a great contribution to the establishment of the NAU.

Mrs. Barbara is well known for being a willing and dedicated worker and never thought of any task as being too small or too big.

She has strongly advocated for her clients, both on and off the job, that she had worked with for a number of years.

She always seeks opportunities to become active and involved in the Community on various levels.

She volunteered for child month for many years and was a vital part of ensuring the success of the month's activities.

The NAU is extremely excited for Mrs. Barbara as she has many plans for her retirement, some of which will cause our paths to cross again.

Though we are sad to see her go, we are happy that she is embarking upon this exciting new phase of her life.

We will continue to look out for you on the stage and in the community, the two places where you seem to be most at home.

Mrs. Barbara, keep pushing forward, keep strong and motivated your youth inspires us all!

We invite the Civil Service to join us in bidding her farewell.