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Published 25th July 2014, 2:29pm

The Needs and Assessment Unit (NAU) wishes to advise the public that their office will be closed for relocation during the week of 14 April 2013. Their new office will be located on 55 South Church Street, in Aqua Mall (second floor next to Guy Harvey’s Restaurant located on the waterfront), and will open to the public on 23, April 2014.

  • monthly poor relief,
  • food, rental,
  • school lunches and uniforms,
  • burial assistance,
  • preschool fees,
  • as well as needs assessment to establish indigency to be covered under indigent medical

are now being managed by the Needs Assessment Unit

Clinical services will remain at Department of Children and Family Services office located in Commerce House on Dr Roy’s Drive.

For any social work matters, please contact any of these offices:

  • West Bay: 946-1950
  • Bodden Town: 947-7144
  • George Town: 949-0290

For any emergencies or financially related services during this period, contact the NAU at 946-0024. Persons needing assistance should make contact with the NAU to obtain an appointment. The NAU is a unit directly under the Ministry of Community Affairs. NAU apologises for any inconvenience caused.