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Published 11th June 2014, 4:56pm

Pre-paid cards for groceries will now make it more convenient for Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) clients to purchase food and supplies.

The cards will be provided by all major local supermarket vendors in Grand Cayman. This new method of payment will replace the paper format vouchers currently being provided. The change is a part of an ongoing initiative by the NAU to provide a more efficient service to the public.

Local vendors will provide the pre-paid cards, which will function much as do debit cards. Clients will still be able to choose their preferred vendor from a list of participating vendors.

The card will be topped up electronically and any unused funds will be returned to the department once the service period has expired.

Each pre-paid card is specific to the identified client and the balance on each card can be tracked. This reduces the risk of loss of funds due to the card being lost or stolen.

The NAU will distribute the pre-paid cards to clients within the coming weeks. Until then, vouchers will continue to be used.

The introduction of the pre-paid cards does not affect the provision of services as it pertains to eligibility and the amount provided.