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The vision of the Need Assessment Unit is to assist Caymanians to maintain living healthy, safe and independent lives.


Promote a society where the vulnerable, disadvantaged and poor are empowered for an improved quality of life.


  • People-oriented Service
  • Service Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • General Nature of Activities

    Needs Assessment Unit
    • The Needs Assessment Unit exists to assist citizens that are unable to support their families or themselves due to disability, underemployment, hardship, unemployment or other similar reasons.
    • This is accomplished through the provision of financial assistance to the people of the Cayman Islands.

    Scope of Activities

    Needs Assessment Unit
    • Provision and management of a scope of public welfare services, inclusive of poor relief, school lunches, food vouchers and burial assistance.
    • Conduct needs assessments for poor relief, medical and temporary assistance.
    • Work in collaboration with the Education Department, Health Services and other related agencies.
    • Policy advice relating to the activities and areas of expertise of the Unit.

    Customers and Location of Activities

    Needs Assessment Unit

    The recipients of the services are the general public, the Ministry of Home & Community Affairs and Health Services Authority. The activities are conducted in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

    Governance of the Unit

    • Law: Poor Relief (referred to locally as temporary and permanent financial assistance) first came into effect in the Cayman Islands by the enactment of the Poor Persons (Relief) Law on the 1st January 1964. Financial Assistance is provided to needy, destitute and sick persons in accordance with The Poor Persons (Relief) Law (1997 Revision.) In addition, the unit is guided by the requirements of the Public Management and Finance Law (2013 Revision), Financial Regulations (2013 Revision) and the criteria set for the disbursement of funds.
    • Section 3, of the Poor Persons (Relief) Law (1997 Revision) provides for regulations to be made by the Governor in Council which would embody the conditions under which relief may be given. The Ministry of Community Affairs is in the process of developing regulations for the Poor Persons (Relief) Law (1997 Revision).

    Needs Assessment The Needs Assessment Unit is a unit which was developed to conduct needs assessments to verify a client’s eligibility for assistance. Below is a list of some of the financial services which the Unit provides:

    Rental assistance

    Temporary financial assistance for monthly rental payments.

    Food Voucher Program

    Temporary provision of gift cards or certificates for the purchase of groceries.

    School Uniform Program

    Provision of school uniforms to qualifying public school students.

    School Lunch Program

    Provision of school lunches to qualifying public school students for a determined period of time.

    Preschool Assistance

    Temporary assistance with the payment of preschool fees for qualifying candidates.

    Utility bills

    Temporary assistance with payment of utility bills.

    Medical Travel Expenses Stipend

    Temporary service.

    Indigent Insurance Coverage

    Qualifying candidates will be provided with temporary or indefinite medical coverage from CINICO.

    Burial Assistance

    Qualifying candidates who relief to bury their love ones can be provided assistance towards a funeral package and/or vault.

    Monthly Poor Relief Assistance

    Qualifying candidates will be provided with temporary or indefinite relief.


    Needs Assessment PRE-INTAKE CHECKLIST

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